As Julie Allinson was in the pursuit of attractive and reasonably priced reading glasses, she found herself at a crossroads. In one direction, consumers pay an astronomical amount of money for aesthetically pleasing reading glasses that would inevitably end up lodged between the sofa cushions. While in the other, unattractive and unreliable drug store readers await the more fiscally concerned customer. Just before accepting defeat, Allinson had an epiphany. Why must the fashionable men and women in the world settle for such inconvenience? From then on, Eyebobs would be Allinson’s way of providing customers with economical and stylish reading glasses for every occasion. Pioneering a new outlook on reading glasses, Julie Allinson and her optician friend give bold men and women an opportunity to express themselves through eyewear. Choose from an array of cool, classic, big, bold, and bright frames to accompany any outing.