Handmade in Italy since 1978, CLOSED is a family business. That is not just a fact, but also the brand's philosophy. They are into great designs and small details with pure quality with understated looks. CLOSED likes to produce their clothing at the source of where the materials originate. Europe is the focus for cotton yarn and fabrics. The best cashmere comes from China and their casual sweatshirts are made in Portugal. The denim for the jeans is woven, sewn and washed in Italy- often made by second generation employees. Equality, friendly working conditions and fair wages goes without saying. Just like their designs emerge from a team, their manufacturers are members of the CLOSED family. Every single CLOSED product is made with love and in every detail you can find consciousness for quality- from design until it’s hanging in your closet. This can only be successful if you can rely on one another – simply with friends. Every CLOSED product is the sum of the people who make it – that is what they stand for at CLOSED.