The Office of Angela Scott

Spotted this season: Androgynous style trends…from the runway to our favorite style blog, and we are lovestruck. Few shoe designers have sought after styles that claim to be such a stunning mix of masculine and feminine.

Enter The Office of Angela Scott, with her modern-retro footwear, designed to outlast the ages. You can thank her grandfather for her attention to authenticity, as he was the basis of inspiration for her handcrafted shoes. “My Nono was undeniably a gentleman. His style was everything, and I wanted to dress just like him”. Combine her love of haberdashery with her fascination of Punk and you pinpoint her artistic motives.

For Angela Scott, authenticity will always be in style. Every shoe to leave her family-run workshop in Portugal has been handcrafted, Goodyear welted, and made from the finest materials with an old-school mindset, much like the cobblers of yesteryear.

Featured in Vogue, InStyle, and Elle, The Office of Angela Scott perfectly marries masculine forms and feminine details. Whether you are a veteran to menswear fashion, or ready to try a new trend, The Office of Angela Scott delivers.

Up your flirtatious game by pairing styles with a skirt…or, for a serious vibe, finish a polished suit with a shoe that means business. Don’t miss this fun cast of characters at The Office of Angela Scott…the Hammonds, who longs for the beach, Miss Dakota, serious and sexy, Mr. Colin, full of sass, and Mr. Smith, ‘don’t you dare talk back’…visit this eclectic summer mix online or in store now.